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2019 February Lesson Plan for Pre K

Dear Parents,
Hope everyone is feeling ok and has managed to escape the flu bug. Things are getting exciting in the pre-k classroom as we anxiously look forward to spring. We will be doing a special project in our class this spring, I Will be sending more about that later. We are still working on our alphabet sounds and are almost through the entire alphabet. In math we have been learning what number is 1 more and what number is 1 less. We are also learning to recognize the number words for each number. We will be focusing on 11-20 . Our circleTime is a lot of fun e focus on days of the week, the month of the year, the day of the week and the season and weather We sing lots of silly songs to help us remember all those things. I’m sure you’ve heard your child singing some of the songs. We have a great time at circle time. You will be receiving new words for the month of March please work with your child on these words. Everybody did a great job learning last month words, thank you for your help. Hope everyone has a wonderful spring and as always if you have any question or concerns please let me know.


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