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Beginners Lesson plan from 2020 November to 2021 May

Winter is always for fun. We celebrated Thanks Giving and had celebrated Christmas. We made Christmas cookies with paly-dough. Read some Christmas stories together and had a movie time.

We welcomed 2021 with positivity . During February through April we learned many things related to spring. planted some flower plants and watered them every day to see them grow. Summer started with the start of a new session so it is beginning of our lesson plan. So we started with alphabet A and completed till I .We started our numbers and we completed till 3.So we started from letter I,J,K,,L ,M, N, O, P. We did start from 3,4,5,6.We read many stories every day kids really like story time where we get to sing song and dance at the same time. We reviewed our colors and shapes. We learned about animals in the summer time .So we will keep reviewing these things all throughout the summer. Summer is the best time we enjoyed very much and will keep this on fun whole through out the year.


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