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2022 July Lesson plan for Pre-K

Dear parents,

Can you believe it is August Already! We have been working hard in pre-K on our letters and our numbers we have  learned letters SATPNCNK and numbers one through six. We are also learning about our seasons days of the week months of the year and temperature and today tomorrow and yesterday we will be doing many interesting things this year in Pre-K I will be sending home a packet that’s a homework packet and you can work on these skills with your students every night and it will help them very much the site words and we are not learning yet but you can still go over them with your child and it would help them get a Headstart we have been having a reward program in our classroom for the students that are doing their work and not giving in trouble They get special treatment they get to sit at a special table and receive special awards such as a necklace earrings a cup and straw But due to the facts that the cups are not working out very well with the kids I will be changing it to a bunny buck system where they earn Bunnie bucks for the number of worksheets they do each day and it’s also based on their behavior when they get so many Bunny Bucks they will be able to receive a prize of some sort. I hope this will work well for the kids and we’ll get them adjusted to having worksheets and homework and listening and following directions so that they will be ready for kindergarten I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer I’m looking forward to fall in the cooler temperatures that come with it if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me thank you very much

Ms. Nancy


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