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Lesson Plans Transition

Lesson plan for April 2023:

During the month of April the students worked on learning the letters P,N,C and K. and the numbers 10, 2, and 10, the shapes they learned were oval, crescent, and diamond.

I hope you enjoyed the Spring Tree art your students brought home last week.
Each week the students are given a new letter, number, shape and color to learn. They will also have work to complete at home. This helps reinforce what we are doing in school.
Enjoy, your May!

Lesson plan for March 2023:

Happy Spring to the Angelz Funtime parents

During the month of March the students learned the letters S,A,T, and I. the students traced, colored and searched for the letters. They learned several shapes, numbers and colors. During the month of March we welcomed spring with some coloring pages. As we are teaching these concepts, reinforcing them at home and when you are out would be very beneficial. For example, asking your child the shape and color of a stop sign. Also,counting the number of sides. This helps cement the facts for your student.
We look forward to your children learning and growing more and more.

Lesson plan for February 2023:

February was a very fun filled month and went by very fast we talked about the weather change in our circle time everyday, read story book based on seasons. we did some revision of alphabets from A_E and the numbers from 1-5. We did focus on counting the objects. we did celebrate valentines day at our school. We together made nice greeting cars and send it to the kids who have no access to celebrate the festivals.  Our kids enjoyed the valentines day game which helped them to learn how to play as a team not as an individual.

We are eagerly waiting to welcome Spring in March!!

Lesson plan for January 2023:

Wish  all of you a prosperous 2023!
January has been a  challenging month for  your kids  with the severe winter cold. Yet they have been very enthusiastic about the activities done daily.
Circle Time is their favorite as they listen to a story, singing & dancing along with the spellings of their name.
We see great progress in identifying the letters, numbers & coloring.
Some of them could spell & write their names while others are getting there.
It’s a great pleasure to work with them.
All the best to these LITTLE STARS!

Lesson plan for December 2022:

December is winter time but it’s the most interesting month , with Santa visiting the kids & getting presents.
The kids are learning the value of sharing & caring for one another, while listening to stories of peace & harmony to have a better society when they grow up.
The kids enjoy doing art & craft ,which help them to develop their fine motor skills .
They are good at identifying numbers and letters.
We are really proud to have them in our school.

Lesson plan for November 2022:

Hi parents of all 3 year kids,
November has been a great month , focusing on thanksgiving. The kids listened to various stories & songs based on thanking loved ones for all they have received so far.
Thus some of you may have noticed your kids singing the following .
Thank you Daddy
Thank you Mommy
Thank you, thank you
For a -l-l You do
This way the child learns to appreciate all that the parents & adults do for them which is very important towards a healthy growth for a successful life in the future.
As usual we spend time on academic work along with art & craft activities , so the kids enjoy the time they spend in school.
Way to go these bright STARS!

Lesson plan for October 2022:

October was a great month for us! we learned about Fall and talked about the fall colors. Kids were having fun talking about the color change of leaves. We read story books related to Halloween. we did have nice celebration at school too. they loved decorating their pumpkins which helped them to improve their fine motor skills. They were super excited for Halloween trick or treat. Some of them did not like to dress up for Halloween them but everyone loved candies. Celebrations will continue in November and December!

Lesson plan for September 2022:

Wow ! It’s amazing to know how we have run through September with the little ones.
We have been exposing the kids to numbers 1 to 5 , letters A to M, shapes & colors.
But the most favorite is the circle time where they sing, dance & listen to a story.
All the best to my LITTLE STARS!

Lesson plan for August 2022:

Hi dear parents of the 3 year old kids,
August was a fun filled month with singing the days of the week and months of the year.
It was a pleasure watching the progress of these LITTLE ANGELS identifying the numbers & letters while tracing & coloring pictures.
Way to go my Angels!

Lesson plan for July 2022:

In the hot month of July your cool kids learned the letters U, S, C and I. Each week we covered a different  letter number and shape. The kids enjoy learning new shapes as they have mastered the most common ones. We will be exploring more challenging shapes in the coming weeks. The students will often come up to me while playing in the play area asking to ne the shapes they have found among the toys. They are so excited to learn and I am thrilled to be teaching them.

Look forward to fun things in August.

Lesson plan for June 2022:

During the month of June your students practiced tracing different shape lines. This will help them to form letters on their own. In our circle time the students are learning about the calendar. The months, days of the week, the year and the date. You can reinforce this at home by talking about what day, month, date and year. We sing songs about the days of the week and months. Ask your child to sing them for you. We are also learning shapes including pentagon,  hexagon, octagon, cube, cone and cylinder.  They have fun finding the shapes in the toys they play with.

We have letters, color , number and shape of the week. Take a look at the work in their folders at the end of the week. Your children are so excited to learn each new thing. Enjoy

Lesson plan for May 2022:

For May the students worked on the letters K and R and the numbers 8 and 4. They practiced tracing the letters, numbers and lines to strengthen their pencil skills. They also worked on learning the days of the week, months of the year and the year. The students are beginning to learn new shapes as well. I am looking forward to them mastering all these new skills in the coming month

Lesson plan for April 2022:

April the month of sun shine has brought in warm weather & certainly is helping the kids to enjoy outdoors more often. Similarly they have been actively engaged in art & craft, with enthusiasm. It is really interesting to watch your kids growing up with desire & confidence to face the future.
They are on the threshold of moving into the Pre- K & getting ready for KG.
Wishing these adorable little ones all success in the years ahead!

Lesson plan for March 2022:

March was a great month with a lot of activities. Time is flying & it is amazing to watch your kids growing up with promising progress.
They identify the numbers, & letters with confidence & do their writing & coloring while engaging in other activities too.
Cheers to my LITTLE STARS
for a bright future!
Mrs. Bernie.

Lesson plan for February 2022:

Wow! the month of February, known as the month to reflect on LOVE for one another was really amazing. The kids experienced the value of showing Love & receiving Love that leads to  a healthy development to build a better world for all to live in peace & harmony.

With all love & care the kids show progress in many skills such as holding the pencil correctly, tracing  & coloring  along with singing & dancing.

It is truly a blessing to  work with these LITTLE STARS.

Wish to see them  doing great in the years ahead!

Lesson Plan for January 2022:

January , the first month of 2022, has led us to realize great dreams for our LITTLE ANGELS!
They have been learning to spell & write their name and showed great progress.
They love to listen to stories , sing & dance while identifying the numbers letters & their phonics.
They love to have their hands on art & craft while writing the letters & numbers.
It’s a pleasure to have these kids & watch them develop their skills.
May this NEW YEAR , 2022 be a memorable one to all the Kids , the parents and loved ones with PROSPERITY & JOY !

Lesson plan for November and December 2021;

Hi  all of you! 

November  was a great month for the 3 years old  including myself.

We had so many activities related to the tradition of THANKSGIVING & how it originated. The kids enjoyed writing with feathers, creating a house with  pretzels as a substitute for sticks & many more , that was done in in ancient times. This was followed with a delicious feasting.  All the kids had a great day .

Similarly December is also a month of fun & celebration with SANTA around with gifts for everyone around , especially for the kids.

Look out for the fun activities that would be memorable for the kids

We had great fun in singing  ABC  &  identifying their phonics , along with numbers  during the month..

Similarly the kids enjoyed listening to stories, & action songs that gave them the opportunity to join in .

Certainly  the kids show great progress .

All the best to these little STARS!

Happy Holidays!

Lesson Plan for October 2021:

Happy September has passed by!

Once again the kids have spent their time with great enthusiasm.
With hands on cutting & coloring my little angels are learning colors, shapes, letters & numbers . We celebrated Halloween by coloring and decorating pumpkins. They are amazing!
It is so nice to hear them using the magic words  PLEASE, THANK YOU & SORRY during activities. Hope you encourage them to use these words at home too.
All the best to my little Cherubs!

Lesson Plan for September 2021:

Hi everyone,

Now We have   run through the month of  September , the month with the most letters and announcing the end  Summer.

Our  Angels  have been very interested in art & craft along with identifying numbers & letters . It was really amusing to hear them so  loud & active.

I am proud to see  our LITTLE ANGELS  doing great

All the best to our  Angels!

Lesson plan for August 2021:

Hi  all parents of our loving kids,

We have  walked through the month of August , the month of beauty around with a green background .

The  kids have been inspired in all their work with sun shine. We are proud to say that now they are able to identify the letters in their names .

The next step is to focus on writing the names. So it would be great if you could help them to do so at home too.

With numbers & letters they are doing great ,singing & dancing, while working on  art & craft  to enhance fine motor skills .

I am proud to see them BUSY as BEES through work & play.

All the best to our LITTLE STARS,

Lesson plan for July 2021:

Hi  every one,

We have flown through the month of July , the month we celebrate Independence for USA !

The  kids have shown great interest in all their work. We are paying attention on identifying the letters on their names . So it would be great if you could help them to do so at home too.

Similarly  we are working on the concept of numbers & phonics along with coloring within lines.

I am proud to see their progress  & enthusiasm !

Wishing these  BRIGHT STARS to  reach high in the years ahead !

God bless them abundantly!

Lesson plan for June 2021:

June was a great month for the 3 year old including myself.  We had great fun in singing  ABC  &  identifying their phonics , along with numbers .

Similarly the kids enjoyed listening to stories, & action songs that gave them the opportunity to dance & move around.

So we would be moving forward with more art & craft. We will be helping your kids in scissor cutting skills too.

Certainly  the kids show great progress .

All the best to these little STARS

Lesson plan from 2020 November to 2021 May:

Hi everyone,

Hope all of you are safe & sound. We had celebrated our winter celebrations as much as we could. Spring brought us good hope. We enjoyed the colorful spring together and looking forwarded to brighter summer.

As you all know , May is the month of sunshine & rain that helps to give a vibrant environment. Similarly these Angels of 3 years have brightened up the  school after the gloomy pandemic.

So now we are back to our normal routine, while following the necessary protocols  to keep the kids safe & healthy.

This month we have exposed the kids to numbers, letters ,colors & shapes through fun activities such as singing, dancing & coloring.

It was a great joy watching the little ones developing their skills through all these activities.

I am proud to say that these kids certainly would be ”GREAT STARS IN THE FUTURE ”!

2020 Lesson plan from February to October:

Good morning,

I hope that everyone of you are doing good and had some good Halloween time even though it was different than usual time. But we are very proud that every one of you had maintain the safety measure and still doing to keep our school environment safe. We are constantly working with our kids to let them know the importance of wearing mask, using hand sanitizers and washing hands. Hope we will come out of this situation soon.

2020 January lesson plan for Transition:

January 2020 news

Welcome all of you to a prosperous 2020!

After a short break we are all back to experience  the foundation of education through fun & laughter.

The kids have been doing great  with a lot of art & craft to show their  talents. I am sure they have brought them home . They also  have learnt the following.

The art of using a pair of scissors to cut the correct way. They also taken home a leaflet on the importance of the skill of using a pair of scissors .This would help them to develop confidence in many ways .Please do the same at home too

The kids are learning the letters of their name & tracing them. I hope parents will encourage them to sing the letters of their names as it is needed in daily life.

Hope you all had a great month!

All the best to my LITTLE STARS!

2019 November and December Lesson plan for Transition:

Hi everyone!

Time  for Thanks Giving!

The kids have been doing great  with a lot of art & craft to show their  talents. I am sure they have brought them home . They also  have learnt the following.” A B C D E F G –THANK YOU GOD FOR FEEDING ME” This would help them understand to appreciate  of what they are blessed with. Please do the same at home before meals.

The kids are learning the letters of their name & tracing them. I hope parents will encourage them to sing the letters of their names to build up confidence  as it is needed in daily life.

Hope you all had a great Thanks Giving! December was very much fun filled month for us. We all had nice time with Santa.

All the best to my LITTLE STARS! Happy Holidays!

2019 October lesson plan for Transition:

September newsletter
Happy September has passed by!
Once again the kids have spent their time with great enthusiasm.
With hands on cutting & coloring my little angels are learning colors, shapes, letters up to I -i & numbers 1-7.They are amazing!
It is so nice to hear them using the magic words  PLEASE, THANK YOU & SORRY during activities. Hope you encourage them to use these words at home too.
All the best to my little Cherubs!

2019 Summer Lesson plan for Transition:

Hi everyone,
Hope you have enjoyed the summer with your kids .
The 3 year old have enjoyed singing, dancing & coloring in their new class during summer!
What a great adventure!
They have been exposed to identifying letters , numbers, shapes & so on.
At the moment they are learning how to use the pair of scissors to cut. Step one is to hold the scissors correctly & learn to move the fingers  while saying ” open- close “. They are doing great.
It is a great pleasure to have them in my class.

All the best to my little STARS!

2019 March and April Lesson Plan for Transition:

High Everyone,
Time is flying & our little ones are really progressing.
They can identify numbers from 1-10 , working on “MY NUMBER BOOK”.
It’s a joy to hear them sing the ABC….. with sounds while creating creating
Similarly coloring & hands on art & craft seem to the most interesting.
Certainly they would turn out to be great in the future.
Love them loads!

2019 February Lesson Plan for Transition:

February is the shortest month of the year, yet the sweetest. The month of expressing love towards one another. Our kids made Valentine’s cards for the parents & enthusiastically engaged in fun activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This month we have been working on  letters R-W ,with art & craft highlighting them. They loved painting & creating interesting figures with the letters. We have been on good manners, parts of the body ,the numbers 1-10 . The most amazing is to see my kids writing their names confidently.

I am proud of their progress all around.

Greater fun ahead, with unconditional  love for my little STARS !!!!

2019 January Lesson Plan for Transition:

Hi everyone,
Wish you a happy & prosperous 2019!
Once again the kids have returned with great enthusiasm.
With hands on cutting & coloring my little angels  can  identify the colors & shapes  along with letters from L, l- Q,q.
It is so sweet to hear them using the magic words PLEASE, THANK YOU & SORRY I the class. Hope you encourage them to use these words at home too.
All the best to my  little cherubs!
With love

2018 December Lesson Plan for Transition:

December was full of fun activities with art and crafts resembling the atmosphere of Christmas!
It was so amazing to see how the kids were happy to get presents from Santa, participate in games & have refreshments with their parents.
Similarly they experienced the first Snow storm. Certainly the snow is a symbol of Santa coming from the North Pole!
With all these activities my tiny tots did their work sheets with enthusiasm!  Wonderful !!!!
Then comes  the Happy  Holidays!
Have fun my LITTLE STARS!

2018 October and November Lesson Plan for Transition:

Hi everyone,
Time is flying & our kids are growing!
October the month of Halloween was full of fun with art and crafts , science night  with Candy from  the monster house  and many more  activities.
Similarly  November the month of THANKS GIVING  has given the kids an opportunity to thank  GOD for all blessings they have received .
The kids are doing great!
All the best to my little angels!

2018 August and September Lesson Plan for Transition:

Hi everyone,
I would like to let you know  how your kids performed during these 2 months
They have been very active during circle time with singing , dancing, counting & listening to the stories read to them.
They have been learning the names of the days & most of them happily come forward to say them.
They have learned to identify the uppercase & lowercase  A, B, C , D, E,& F  along with practice to write them. They could also count from 1-10 & write some of them.
Now we are working on identifying the letters of their names.
It is really amazing to watch the progress of these tiny tots continuously.
It is a pleasure to have them in my class!
Mrs. Bernie.

2018 June and July Lesson Plan for Transition:

Month of red blue & white, to celebrate independence was really exciting. The kids created their head bands & the flag of America.
1-We have worked on the numbers 1,2 & 3. Letters A,B & C.
Coloring , tracing & writing in rainbow colors.
2- we have exposed them to cutting with the scissors which is an important life skill.
They  are doing great through fun & play.
3-we talked about good health habits such as brushing teeth twice a day, washing hands with soap, before & after meals & especially after  using the toilet
Dear parents please help your kids continue  doing all they  learn in school through their own circles of experience at home.
Yes, they will turn out to be  UNIQUE!

March 2018 lesson plan for Transition:

March was a great month with a lot of fun activities along with counting, reading & writing..
1– kids started off with the days of the week.
2–It was a delightful sight to watch the kids running around hunting for Easter eggs to fill their baskets.
3–As a Science project , the kids created their own binoculars &  had fun viewing tiny objects around.

February 2018 lesson plan for transition:

February was short  yet sweet.  The kids enjoyed sharing love & care  on each other among family & friends while celebrating Valentine’s Day.
The month began with a red Rose the symbol of LOVE  followed by  story telling, singing & dancing while learning the sounds of the letters A-Z and counting 1-20.
The month ended with a colorful watermelon on a plate. The kids are doing great!
1.   They can identify the letters of the alphabet & numbers 1-20 .
2.    They can write their names  with confidence.
3.   They love to listen to reading & browse over books.
4.    They use the magic words  PLEASE, SORRY & EXCUSE ME   in their conversations.
These kids certainly will go along way!

January 2018 lesson plan for Transition:

I am Bernadette Diaz , mostly known as Bernie. I joined Angelz Funtime on the 2 new January 2018. I warmly welcome your child along with you into my classroom.

As a teacher I have spent my life time among kids ,helping them to develop physically,socially ,emotionally,spiritually & academically. With great pleasure I have watched them bloom into successful bright  STARS.

# Each child is unique in its own way!
# Each child is talented & educable !
# Each child is  MY CHILD with all my LOVE !

The following is a summary of the work the children have done for the month of January.

The color of the month is WHITE with a lot of snow all around us. We have been working daily on phonic sounds through singing & dancing while exposing the children to uppercase & lowercase letters, counting & writing from 1- 20, identifying shapes & colors & introducing social workers.

We have also talked about personal cleanliness, potty training & good habits  through stories. It was fun to see their hands on cutting & pasting different  items , along with a lot of coloring.

The children have been doing great in facing these challenges happily. I am PROUD of them!

December 2017 lesson plan for Transition:

December was a fun filled month for all of us. We had a grand Christmas party at our school. Kids were very excited to get gifts from Santa. We are still working with the numbers. They are doing really good on counting the objects. We are still working on writing alphabets. We read some story books based on winter season. In the story time , they learned how we can keep ourselves warm during winter.

We worked with the alphabet M,N,O in this month. We learned some new words starting with these alphabets. From January we will be working with phonics.

We did take part in Christmas ornaments making for the kids at UNC Hospital. Thanks to all our Angelz Funtime parents for helping us on this project. We really appreciate for you time. We will learn more with full of energy in 2018. Very Happy New Year to you all!!!!

November 2017 lesson plan for Transition:

November went by very quick. Our kids had nice time learning with us. We are working with number 11  through 20. We also started working on counting the objects and match them with the correct number. They did awesome job on that. We are still working on our writing skills.

We had some art projects this month based on alphabets, veteran’s day and Thanksgiving day. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and families. We have lots of things planned for December. Thank you everyone for being with us and give us encouragement to work more with your kids.

October 2017 lesson plan for Transition:

October has all but passed us by and what a busy month is was. Your children have been working very hard and making great progress. We have been working on our alphabet and numbers review and starting to put our letters together to form simple sight words. We will continue on this exercise into November. We reviewed our numbers 1-10 and now are starting on 11-20.
We will be celebrating Halloween with a party on Saturday, October 28th. Please join us for this fun event. Should be a “hollowing” good time for all.
November is just around the corner and we will be working on many art projects this month starting with November 10th Veterans Day. We will honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice for our country. On the week of November 23rd we will celebrate Thanksgiving. We will spend our circle time discussing and reading stories about this very special day.
Again my students are very excited about learning and I know they will grow, learn, and develop in the months and years to come.

September 2017 lesson plan for Transition:

Welcome to the new school year! This should be a fun and exciting year and I am looking forward to working with you and your children. I will be sending folders home every Friday with your child’s weekly work sheets and homework. Please work with your child on the skills on the worksheets and return folders on Monday.
We have had a busy September thus far. My class has been working on their letters in preparation to writing their names. We will be using a new order for learning our letters and we are using dry erase boards to practice the alphabet and numbers which the students are really enjoying. Also we are working this month on the numbers 1-10 as a review.
October is quickly approaching and this month will be packed full of fun projects and events. I will continue my lesson plan working on the alphabet in readiness for my class to start writing their names. Also we will be doing art projects to celebrate the October holidays. Columbus Day is on the 9th and Halloween is on the 31st. We will be having a Halloween party on Saturday October 28th for all the students and families, which will be very spooked filled 👻and a lot of fun. More information will be available in the next week or so.
Again my class is very excited about the new school year and I am looking forward to the months ahead, watching your children grow, learn, and develop.

August 2017 lesson plan for Transition:

August was fun filled month for kids. They enjoyed many activities. We read stories and let kids participate through action movements like dancing, singing and acting part of story telling. Kids loved the dancing part  and they look forward to this activity.

We did covered colors through different animals, vegetables, food. We reviewed shapes with kids. We did connecting letter, completing the maze and finished E,F,G and 5,6,7 this month.

May 2015: Kids Lesson Plans Transition >
Transition classroom kids learn the alphabets, worked with numbers.


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