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2022 August lesson plan for Intermediates 2

Lesson plan for August 2022: Hi dear parents of the 3 year old kids, August was a fun filled month with singing the days of the week and months of the year. It was a pleasure watching the progress of these LITTLE ANGELS identifying the numbers & […]

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2022 July lesson plan for Intermediates 2

Lesson plan for July 2022: In the hot month of July your cool kids learned the letters U, S, C and I. Each week we covered a different  letter number and shape. The kids enjoy learning new shapes as they have mastered the most common ones. We […]

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2022 June lesson Plan for Intermediates 2

During the month of June your students practiced tracing different shape lines. This will help them to form letters on their own. In our circle time the students are learning about the calendar. The months, days of the week, the year and the date. You can reinforce […]

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2022May lesson plan for Intermediates 2

For May the students worked on the letters K and R and the numbers 8 and 4. They practiced tracing the letters, numbers and lines to strengthen their pencil skills. They also worked on learning the days of the week, months of the year and the year. […]

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2022 April Lesson plan for Intermediates 2

April the month of sun shine has brought in warm weather & certainly is helping the kids to enjoy outdoors more often. Similarly they have been actively engaged in art & craft, with enthusiasm. It is really interesting to watch your kids growing up with desire & […]

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2022 March lesson plan for Intermediates 2

March was a great month with a lot of activities. Time is flying & it is amazing to watch your kids growing up with promising progress. They identify the numbers, & letters with confidence & do their writing & coloring while engaging in other activities too. Cheers […]

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2022 February Lesson Plan for Intermediates 2

Wow! the month of February, known as the month to reflect on LOVE for one another was really amazing. The kids experienced the value of showing Love & receiving Love that leads to  a healthy development to build a better world for all to live in peace & […]

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2022 January lesson plan for Intermediates 2:

January , the first month of 2022, has led us to realize great dreams for our LITTLE ANGELS! They have been learning to spell & write their name and showed great progress. They love to listen to stories , sing & dance while identifying the numbers, letters […]

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Happy Holiday!

Angelz Funtime will be closed from December 20th – January 1st. We will reopen on January 3rd. Be safe and enjoy the Holidays!

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