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2019 November and December lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

Hi everyone! Time  for Thanks Giving!  The kids have been doing great  with a lot of art & craft to show their  talents. I am sure they have brought them home . They also  have learnt the following.” A B C D E F G –THANK YOU GOD FOR FEEDING ME” […]

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October Lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

September newsletterHappy September has passed by!Once again the kids have spent their time with great enthusiasm.With hands on cutting & coloring my little angels are learning colors, shapes, letters up to I -i & numbers 1-7.They are amazing!It is so nice to hear them using the magic […]

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Summer lesson plan for transition

Hi everyone,Hope you have enjoyed the summer with your kids .The 3 year old have enjoyed singing, dancing & coloring in their new class during summer!What a great adventure!They have been exposed to identifying letters , numbers, shapes & so on.At the moment they are learning how […]

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2019 March and April Lesson Plan for Transition

High Everyone,Time is flying & our little ones are really progressing.They can identify numbers from 1-10 , working on “MY NUMBER BOOK”.It’s a joy to hear them sing the ABC….. with sounds while creating creating “MY ABC BOOK “.Similarly coloring & hands on art & craft seem to […]

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2019 February Lesson Plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

February is the shortest month of the year, yet the sweetest. The month of expressing love towards one another. Our kids made Valentine’s cards for the parents & enthusiastically engaged in fun activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day! This month we have been working on  letters R ,r-W ,w […]

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2019 January lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

Hi everyone,Wish you a happy & prosperous 2019!Once again the kids have returned with great enthusiasm.With hands on cutting & coloring my little angels  can  identify the colors & shapes  along with letters from L, l- Q,q. It is so sweet to hear them using the magic words […]

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2018 December lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

December was full of fun activities with art and crafts resembling the atmosphere of Christmas!      It was so amazing to see how the kids were happy to get presents from Santa, participate in games & have refreshments with their parents. Similarly they experienced the first Snow […]

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2018 October and November lesson plan for Intermediate 2 and Transition

Hi everyone, Time is flying & our kids are growing! October the month of Halloween was full of fun with art and crafts , science night  with Candy from  the monster house  and many more  activities. Similarly  November the month of THANKS GIVING  has given the kids […]

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2018 August and September Lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

Hi everyone, I would like to let you know  how your kids performed during these 2 months They have been very active during circle time with singing , dancing, counting & listening to the stories read to them. They have been learning the names of the days […]

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2018 June and July lesson plan for Transition

Month of red blue & white, to celebrate independence was really exciting. The kids created their head bands & the flag of America. 1-We have worked on the numbers 1,2 & 3. Letters A,B & C. Coloring , tracing & writing in rainbow colors. 2- we have […]

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