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2021 August lesson plan for Transition:

Hi  all parents of our loving kids, We have  walked through the month of August , the month of beauty around with a green background . The  kids have been inspired in all their work with sun shine.We are proud to say that now they are able to identify the […]

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2021 July lesson plan for Transition

Hi  every one, We have flown through the month of July , the month we celebrate Independence for USA ! The  kids have shown great interest in all their work. We are paying attention on identifying the letters on their names . So it would be great if you […]

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2021 Lesson plan for Transition:

June was a great month for the 3 year old  including myself.  We had great fun in singing  ABC  &  identifying their phonics , along with numbers .  Similarly the kids enjoyed listening to stories, & action songs that gave them the opportunity to dance & move around. So we would be […]

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Transition lesson plan from 2020 November to 2021 May

Hi everyone, Hope all of you are safe & sound. We had celebrated our winter celebrations as much as we could. Spring brought us good hope. We enjoyed the colorful spring together and looking forwarded to brighter summer.   As you all know , May is the month […]

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Inclement weather update

Angelz Funtime will be closed today because of inclement weather prediction. Safety of our students, families and staff is or priority. Stay home and stay safe.

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2020 Lesson plan for Transition from February – October

I hope that everyone of you are doing good and had some good Halloween time even though it was different than usual time. But we are very proud that every one of you had maintain the safety measure and still doing to keep our school environment safe. […]

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2020 Lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

January 2020 news  Welcome all of you to a prosperous 2020! After a short break we are all back to experience  the foundation of education through fun & laughter. The kids have been doing great  with a lot of art & craft to show their  talents. I am sure they […]

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2019 November and December lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

Hi everyone! Time  for Thanks Giving!  The kids have been doing great  with a lot of art & craft to show their  talents. I am sure they have brought them home . They also  have learnt the following.” A B C D E F G –THANK YOU GOD FOR FEEDING ME” […]

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October Lesson plan for Intermediates 2 and Transition

September newsletterHappy September has passed by!Once again the kids have spent their time with great enthusiasm.With hands on cutting & coloring my little angels are learning colors, shapes, letters up to I -i & numbers 1-7.They are amazing!It is so nice to hear them using the magic […]

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Summer lesson plan for transition

Hi everyone,Hope you have enjoyed the summer with your kids .The 3 year old have enjoyed singing, dancing & coloring in their new class during summer!What a great adventure!They have been exposed to identifying letters , numbers, shapes & so on.At the moment they are learning how […]

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