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Lesson Plans Intermediates 2

January 2o18 lesson plan for Intermediates 2:

I am Bernadette Diaz , mostly known as Bernie. I joined Angelz Funtime on the 2 new January 2018. I warmly welcome your child along with you into my classroom.

As a teacher I have spent my life time among kids ,helping them to develop physically,socially ,emotionally,spiritually & academically. With great pleasure I have watched them bloom into successful bright  STARS.

# Each child is unique in its own way!
# Each child is talented & educable !
# Each child is  MY CHILD with all my LOVE !

The following is a summary of the work the children have done for the month of January.

The color of the month is WHITE with a lot of snow all around us. We have been working daily on phonic sounds through singing & dancing while exposing the children to uppercase & lowercase letters, counting & writing from 1- 20, identifying shapes & colors & introducing social workers.

We have also talked about personal cleanliness, potty training & good habits  through stories. It was fun to see their hands on cutting & pasting different  items , along with a lot of coloring.

The children have been doing great in facing these challenges happily. I am PROUD of them!


December 2017 lesson plan for Intermediates 2:

December was a fun filled month for all of us. We had a grand Christmas party at our school. Kids were very excited to get gifts from Santa. We are still working with the numbers. They are doing really good on counting the objects. We are still working on writing alphabets. We read some story books based on winter season. In the story time , they learned how we can keep ourselves warm during winter.

We worked with the alphabet M,N,O in this month. We learned some new words starting with these alphabets. From January we will be working on phonics.

We did take part in Christmas ornaments making for the kids at UNC Hospital. Thanks to all our Angelz Funtime parents for helping us on this project. We really appreciate for you time. We will learn more with full of energy in 2018. Very Happy New Year to you all!!!!

November 2017 lesson plan for Intermediates 2:

November went by very quick. Our kids had nice time learning with us. We are working with number 11  through 20. We also started working on counting the objects and match them with the correct number. They did awesome job on that. We are still working on our writing skills.

We had some art projects this month based on alphabets, veteran’s day and Thanksgiving day. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and families. We have lots of things planned for December. Thank you everyone for being with us and give us encouragement to work more with your kids.

October 2017 lesson plan for Intermediates 2:

Miss Patty’s class
 October has all but passed us by and what a busy month is was. Your children have been working very hard and making great progress. We have been working on our alphabet and numbers review and starting to put our letters together to form simple sight words. We will continue on this exercise into November. We reviewed our numbers 1-10 and now are starting on 11-20.
We will be celebrating Halloween with a party on Saturday, October 28th. Please join us for this fun event. Should be a “hollowing” good time for all.
November is just around the corner and we will be working on many art projects this month starting with November 10th Veterans Day. We will honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice for our country. On the week of November 23rd we will celebrate Thanksgiving. We will spend our circle time discussing and reading stories about this very special day.
Again my students are very excited about learning and I know they will grow, learn, and develop in the months and years to come.


September 2017 lesson plan for Intermediates 2:

Welcome to the new school year! This should be a fun and exciting year and I am looking forward to working with you and your children. I will be sending folders home every Friday with your child’s weekly work sheets and homework. Please work with your child on the skills on the worksheets and return folders on Monday.
We have had a busy September thus far. My class has been working on their letters in preparation to writing their names. We will be using a new order for learning our letters and we are using dry erase boards to practice the alphabet and numbers which the students are really enjoying. Also we are working this month on the numbers 1-10 as a review.
October is quickly approaching and this month will be packed full of fun projects and events. I will continue my lesson plan working on the alphabet in readiness for my class to start writing their names. Also we will be doing art projects to celebrate the October holidays. Columbus Day is on the 9th and Halloween is on the 31st. We will be having a Halloween party on Saturday October 28th for all the students and families, which will be very spooked filled 👻and a lot of fun. More information will be available in the next week or so.
Again my class is very excited about the new school year and I am looking forward to the months ahead, watching your children grow, learn, and develop.


August 2017 Lesson Plan for Intermediates 2:

We did review the letters A-F and learned G,H,I and J. We also did focus on numbers 5-8 and learned to recognize the numerals as well as what quantity they represent. Everyday, We go over the calendar which helps to remember our months, days of the week, and counting. We have reserved time for blocks, puzzles, story – time and music to help foster the students’ mental and physical development while encouraging and fostering their imagination and a sense of fun!

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Ms. Vicki’s Classroom


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